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The founder tells you 16 reasons to use ZY pro info APP:
1. Collect the latest developments in the industry to help analyze and decide product direction
2. Discover new trends, ideas and efficiency tools in the industry, your new achievements and ways of working can impress your colleagues
3. Low-cost, fast, efficient and high-quality push your professional content to the whole industry
4. An efficient tool for the aggregation of industry collaboration capabilities, making full use of the wisdom of the crowd to help participating groups improve their competitiveness and easily stay at the forefront of the industry (even if you don’t like, you can make statistical recommendations based on the viewing time of the group, and there are more optimization details)
5. Personalized matching, dig into the small-scale industry knowledge that you have searched thousands of times in your subconscious but nowhere to get it (and business feedback from the original front-line)
6. Customizable recommendation system, no longer confused about what to see in the future. Optimized for information exchange efficiency, not controlled by other companies' algorithms for extended viewing time.
7. Information and investment decisions, through the integration of online information, let you quickly understand the influence coverage of related industries and listed companies, and understand their market value fluctuations
8. Online exhibition, intuitive, efficient and unlimited viewing of all exhibiting products
9. Automatically synchronize marketing information, just manage the content of Alibaba, Douyin and Moments
10. Join the enterprise technology alliance to find more successfully deployed industry solutions, obtain professional basic technical consultation and pre-R&D results of the latest technology
11. Hope to gain the effect of low-cost explosions, join the marketing and promotion alliance, the screening team has deeply analyzed 200,000 explosions videos, professionally guides your external display effects and provides optimization advice, and can connect with professional production teams
12. A clear dissemination mechanism and clear expectations can be used to evaluate the display volume of future content through initial data
13. In overseas markets, the screening has been launched on Google Play and Apple App Market, and let more people see your professional content
14. Fan fission mechanism, millions of fans are automatically connected to your channel, the data is controlled by yourself, and you become the information leader in the industry
15. Get platform dividends, grow together with the platform, enter the top 10,000 platform winning participants, and get free equity returns
16. The backup is worry-free. The strength of the cross-disciplinary technical team has ensured the smooth operation of the platform for many years. The information export mechanism ensures that the invested resources can be restored and reconstructed locally. The platform operates at low cost, more benefits to users, and more durable high-value services.

High-quality video recommended system gives productor more space to show they work.
The ZY Pro info team has watched more than 100,000 short videos and has a deep insight of video ecosystem
With new perspectives and high-level technology we can provide high-quality information recommendation services for creators and explorers .
New invitation mechanism! Follower is more than you think ~

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